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Ready to join Motorcycle Collective?

There are three steps to becoming a member:

  1. Read our terms and agree below.
  2. Set up your subscription.
    Membership costs $12 per month. Have your credit or debit card ready.
  3. Complete a saftey briefing at the workshop.
Our Membership Agreement

General Terms

  • Membership entitles the member to use of the Motorcycle Collective Limited Workshop.
  • The Workshop provides a place and tools for the member to work on their own motorcycle.
  • Workshop use is limited to regular maintenance, minor repairs and basic modifications.
  • Members must complete a health and safety induction before their first use of the Workshop.
  • Members are not permitted to use the Workshop for commercial purposes.
  • Member’s motorcycles cannot be stored at the Workshop.
  • You must be able to ride or transport your motorcycle home at the end of the day.

Fair Use Policy

  • Members must book a time in advance to use the Workshop.
  • Basic membership is limited to 24 hours workshop use time per year.
  • Members must follow all health and safety protocols and actively promote safe working practices at all times in the Workshop.

The Motorcycle Collective Limited takes no responsibility for any work done to the motorcycle whilst in the Workshop and shall not be held liable for any damage. The member takes all responsibility for the work done to the motorcycle, including any damage that occurs while the motorcycle is in the Workshop.

Materials & Waste
Members are responsible for providing any parts and consumables they may require to complete work to their motorcycle. Members must remove any waste that will not fit in the rubbish bin provided. The Workshop will collect and dispose of oil, coolant and waste water produced during your booking.

Non-members Motorcycles
Members may bring a non-member’s motorcycle to work on, but the owner of the motorcycle must be present, and if there is more than one booking the guest must become a member or must seek permission from the Motorcycle Collective Limited to continue to use the Workshop.

Code of Conduct
Members are expected to uphold the values of the Motorcycle Collective:

  • Mahi – Sweep the shop, pay it forward.
  • Safe Space – Don’t be a dick, ride safe, be safe.
  • Team – Every rider, every bike, belongs.

The workshop must be left clean, tidy and ready for the next person.

Failure to uphold these values, or exhibit any anti-social or abusive behaviour, or discrimination, or sexual misconduct whilst at the Workshop, will result in immediate termination of membership.

The member gives permission for photos/video of themselves in attendance at the Workshop to be used by the Motorcycle Collective Limited in promotional materials, such as print and electronic media, including websites and social media. The member has the right to request, in writing, that the Motorcycle Collective Limited stop using photos/video at any time.

Motorcycle Collective Limited’s Commitment
The Motorcycle Collective Limited commits to providing members with a safe environment, and an adequately equipped Workshop, fit for the purpose of regular maintenance, minor repairs and basic modifications for motorcycles.

The Motorcycle Collective Limited may change this agreement from time to time, to fit our current circumstances and agrees to notify members of changes by email.


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