Other than our coordinator The motorcycle Collective is led and run by volunteers. We are currently looking for committed individuals who want to get behind the vision and values of The Motorcycle Collective and become part of the team that will lead the Collective to success. We are looking for….

Mechanical Mentors
Do you have experience working on bikes? Want to help others work on theirs? Sign-up to be a Mechanical Mentor and help someone work on their bike, develop new skills and find a place to belong.

Love bikes and passionate about people? Love good conversations? Happy to stand behind a BBQ and talk bikes all day? Connectors are the social glue of The Motorcycle Collective, and ensure that every rider is welcomed and included.

Behind the Scenes
Got great admin skills? Love the details of organisation, finance, fundraising, and health and safety? It may sound boring to some but you understand these things are the foundation that all good organisations are built on.

If any or all of these roles sound like you, contact us for more information on how to become a volunteer…

Which Volunteer Role(s)?

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