Our Values

Motorcycle Collective has a set of values that we reference in our decision making and operations. Ideas, events and activities must align with our values.

Operational Values

These values guide our daily activities.

  • Mahi
    We respect the hard work everyone has contributed by looking after the amazing thing we have created. We thank our contributors by paying the effort forward to the next person.

  • Team
    Everyone belongs, everyone contributes. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you ride.

  • Safe Space
    Our facilities must be operated and used with safety in mind. Our culture must also be be safe and inclusive for people from all walks of life.
Strategic Values

These values guide our forward planning.

  • Create Connections
    We take actions that increase our connection to the community and increase the connections of our patrons.

  • Be Sustainable
    We respect the Mahi by making decisions and operating in a way that ensures our financial continuity and the availability places we operate from.
Governance Values

These values set the expectations for our decision makers.

  • Transparency
    We have nothing to hide in our decision making and sharing is the first option not the last.

  • Checks and Balances
    No one makes major decisions or authorises expenditures on their own. Advice is taken from our core team.

  • Independence
    Any relationship or connection to other entities, persons and organisations must not alter or prevent the fulfillment of our values.

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