What your donation goes toward

Shhh don’t tell anyone….

It is no secret that Aotearoa New Zealand has a mental health problem. The Motorcycle Collective Limited aims to deal to that problem by helping to create good mental health… by stealth.

Often mental health is hard to talk about, or when we are struggling we are not sure where or how to get help. The Motorcycle Collective Limited aims to combat these two problems. Firstly, by creating a positive supportive community where conversations about mental health are normalised. And secondly, by helping people access mental health resources and services when they need them. We do this by simply creating a great place for people to hang out and work on bikes. When hanging out our team of volunteers fosters positive relationships and community by having courageous/awkward conversations about life’s struggles. We are not therapists, or even a therapeutic community, but we try to be good friends to one another. Therefore, our team is trained to have these conversations, identify mental health risk factors and help people access services if they need them.

We do not advertised ourselves as a mental health organisation, because really we are just a bunch of mates that wants to get better at supporting one another and others. Plus we want to be open to anyone and everyone, and ironically telling people we are about mental health sometimes scares people off.

Your Donation

To put it simply, your donation will go toward the mission of the Motorcycle Collective Limited. We are mostly a volunteer organisation, but not everything is for free, so we have a diverse funding model, receiving funds from donations, grants and membership fees.
You can expect any donations you make to be spent on the following…

  • Wages for our part-time Coordinator.
  • Training for volunteers.
  • Marketing and further fundraising.
  • Admin and accounting fees.
  • General operations and upkeep of the workshop.
  • Events.

The Motorcycle Collective Trust

The Motorcycle Collective Limited is a charitable company (CC59600) owned by The Motorcycle Collective Trust, a charitable trust (CC59868). Check out the charities register to see our constitution and financial reports.

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