It’s So Pretty! – The Fit-out Begins

That’s what people keep telling us, “it’s pretty” and “I love how it opens up”. We’re pretty sure the trailer likes to think of itself as handsome, but it certainly is getting some good reactions. The mobile workshop for our pilot project has arrived and the fit-out has begun in earnest!

The Concept

Kiwi As Trailers in Whangarei have completed the build and it has been transported (thanks Aaron & friends!) to Wellington. It’s quite a beast and easily accommodates four people with a motorcycle inside. We’re really happy with the large openings, which will allow people to see what’s going on inside while keeping clear of anyone working. Inside, it’s tall enough to accommodate people over 190cm tall without stooping or hitting their head.

On top of the galvanized steel frame, the deck and ramp are extra heavy duty 30mm plywood. We had deployable outriggers added for extra stability.

Non-slip Coating

We’ve been hard at work sealing and painting the deck with non-slip paint to make loading/unloading safe. This will make the deck much easier to keep clean too.

The first set of tools in the trailer was a humble-but-essential donation of a puncture repair kit.

It wasn’t lonely for long, as shortly afterwards we received a fantastic gift of high quality sockets, ratchets and wrenches from Repco Upper Hutt!

To date, we have added over 90 tools (or sets) to our kit. We’ve got work stands, torque wrenches, work lights, and something to undo just about every fastener on a bike. It won’t be long until we have everything necessary for basic maintenance on the majority of motorcycles.

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